Zenit Polar

A basic way for kids to write encrypted letters

Zenit Polar is a very basic way for kids to write encrypted letters (their secrecies) so that adults cannot understand.

In this rudimentary technique of encoding we exchange the letters for their correspondent just below it. It works like a dictionary.


Next, we can see the Python code:

# --*-- coding: utf8 --*--
# file: zenit-polar.py
import string
# Zenit-Polar dictionary variables
a = 'zenitpolarZENITPOLAR'
b = 'polarzenitPOLARZENIT'
# Zenit-Polar translate table
translateTable = string.maketrans(a,b)
# our message to encode
message = 'I like to hang out with my friends'
# our encoded/decoded message
encodedDecodedMessage = string.translate(message,translateTable)
# let's look our encoded/decoded message

You may see this code working in Zenit Polar App on Google App Engine. For more information please see Zenit-Polar article on Wikipedia.

That’s all folks! See ya soon! :D :D

Sergio Mendonca
Sergio Mendonca
Professor of Computer Science

My research interests include the Internet of Things, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, Cryptography and Network Security, Computer Simulations, and Programming.

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