Ontologies in Global Software Development

Image by Proceedings DMS, 2013 Image by Proceedings DMS, 2013


In DSD projects, the teams working are dispersed in different locations [1]. When it comes to projects with scattered teams, the limited communication and lack of sharing and knowledge cause some disadvantages: misinterpreted tasks, lack of collective consciousness relating to the work that has been developed, which issues have been brought up, difficulties following the project’s plan and as to take place in a real-time discussion [2]. These challenges have encourage researchers to look for strategies that can help solve these problems, especially, the search for clear, effective information sharing mechanisms, that is essential in this environment. In this context, the use of ontologies as a standard for representing a domain’s concept [3] can bring significant benefits to DSD projects, by allowing a simple share of information among dispersed teams.

Proceedings of the International 19th Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems, 2013
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Sergio Mendonca
Sergio Mendonca
Professor of Computer Science

My research interests include the Internet of Things, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, Cryptography and Network Security, Computer Simulations, and Programming.

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